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Noun1.frontal sinus - one of a pair of cavities in the frontal bonefrontal sinus - one of a pair of cavities in the frontal bone
sinus - any of various air-filled cavities especially in the bones of the skull
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The last paranasal sinus to develop between the inner and outer table of the frontal bone is the frontal sinus. The frontal sinus is formed by pneumatisation of the frontal recess into the frontal bone.
Otolaryngologists from North America, Brazil, and Australia offer 33 chapters containing endoscopic photos, illustrations, and instructions for procedures, as well as information on anatomy and surgical indications, instrumentation, pitfalls, and preoperative and postoperative considerations, for the areas of nasal surgery, primary endoscopic sinus surgery, revision endoscopic sinus surgery for inflammatory disease, orbital surgery, sinonasal tumors, skull base reconstruction, anterior and central skull base approaches, and combined endoscopic and open approaches for the frontal sinus, ranging from septoplasty and sphenoethmoidectomy to extended frontal sinus procedures and endoscopic craniofacial resections.
Communication occurs through the frontal nasal duct, between each frontal sinus and ethmoidal infundibulum which, in turn, opens into the semilunar hiatus in the mid-nasal meatus (MOORE; DALLEY, 2007).
Primary frontal sinus aspergilloma was first reported by Gupta in 1973, after that, a few cases of aspergilloma located in the frontal sinus were reported (1-9).
Erosions of both medial orbital walls were noted along with evidence of extradural extension into the anterior cranial fossa via the posterior wall of left frontal sinus. There was also evidence of erosion along the floor of the anterior cranial fossa, including the pituitary fossa along with extradural extension.
Frontal sinus grows only after puberty and stabilizes by the age 20.
Ameloblastoma of the sinonasal tracts is uncommon and of the frontal sinus is very rare.
(1) Sino-orbital osteomas present with clinical findings due to mass effect such as pain, headache, facial distortion, proptosis, and visual changes or due to nasofrontal duct obstruction by frontal sinus tumors, which cause mucoceles and infections.
Xu said that such a product could also be used in periodontal bone repair, mandibular and maxillary ridge augmentation, reconstruction of frontal sinus and craniofacial skeletal defects, and other stress-bearing orthopedic applications.
Their discussions include anesthesia and wound closure, bite wounds, frontal sinus fractures, and the post-operative evaluation of free flap reconstruction.
Leon McKenzie is out for six weeks after aggravating an ankle injury and Dean Ashton has a depressed fracture of the frontal sinus.