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fron·tal 1

1. Of, relating to, directed toward, or situated at the front: a frontal attack.
2. Anatomy
a. Of or relating to the forehead or frontal bone.
b. Of or relating to the frontal plane.
3. Of or relating to a meteorological front.

fron′tal·ly adv.

fron·tal 2

1. A drapery covering the front of an altar.
2. The façade of a building.

[Middle English frontel, from Old French, from Medieval Latin frontāle, from Latin frōns, front-, forehead, front.]
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Adv.1.frontally - in, at, or toward the front
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'I must tell you it pains me to stand here and provide statistics on the basis of race, but it is the only way to deal with this dangerous concept that has now been frontally introduced by the (opposition) United National Congress).
In addition, the crucial issue of student unionism must be frontally addressed.
I will face them frontally kung ano 'yong mga china-charge niya sa akin.
The nearly 10 million Twitter followers of the Dubai Ruler were recipients of a frontally honest and forthright message from him on Sunday.
'This means the end of the politics of hate, lies and falsehoods which must be combated frontally as they have reached new levels of monstrosity and turpitude in the past 12 months.
Vietnam has not hesitated to fight the Chinese frontally and yet maintains a close relationship with China.
But thankfully, he kept attacking frontally and kept getting repulsed.
Indians realised they can never win against Pakistan frontally. They laid a foundation of a vile scheme to stab Pakistan in the back.
Let us be bold to open up to this issue and deal with it frontally.
Flitting past in phantom file are the gaunt ghosts of long-dead, moustached, fair-haired men in long woollen trousers and chequered cloaks frontally fastened with bejewelled brooches.
Shot frontally so that the wall appears parallel to the picture plane, and from a close distance so that the structures fill the frame, the images look like lurid geometric abstractions, examples of kitsch vernacular aesthetics or gauche projections of newly acquired wealth.