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n. also front line
1. A front or boundary, especially one between military, political, or ideological positions.
2. Basketball See frontcourt.
3. Football The linemen of a team.
4. Sports The players who play farthest forward, as in volleyball.
adj. or front-line
1. Located or used at a military front.
2. Of or relating to the most advanced or important position or activity in a field or undertaking: "elicited candid revelations from many of the front-line executives ... and doggedly followed the money trail down all its byways" (Steve Fraser).
3. Sports
a. Of or relating to the frontline.
b. Being a member of the regular team; first-string: a team in need of a frontline catcher.
4. Performing the most basic tasks or interacting directly with customers, patients, or clients: a frontline caregiver; frontline caseworkers.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-December 1, 2015-Tanker Company Frontline Completes Merger with Frontline 2012
At your request, TAPPI's latest (free) monthly publication, Frontline Focus, will be filled with practical papermaking advice and will focus on daily issues of safety, operations, troubleshooting and reliability.
There are many potential reasons for frontline failure: improper staffing, inadequate preparation of front-line personnel, and low involvement cultural norms.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Frontline System, the leading provider of independent workflow solutions, announced today that they have been working in cooperation with SoftWorks Systems, makers of the ROES (Remote Order Entry Software), and now offer full support for one another.
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The ATX FrontLine product suite includes managed VPN, e-mail security, managed firewall, intrusion detection, Internet policy management, and data backup and recovery.
Frontline Systems is making its new Risk Solver(TM) Engine for Simulation available for free download and evaluation during a six-week period from now until the end of May 2006.
As longtime Frontline users, we are always eager to see the latest enhancements to the platform," stated Wendell Ritchie, Information Technology Security Manager of Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union.
ATX FrontLine solutions include e-mail security, data backup and recovery, managed firewall, intrusion detection, and Internet policy management.
The new release includes a powerful new Risks, Ratings and Certification (RRC) capability that enables users to quantify and analyze the business risks presented by the information system vulnerabilities detected by the company's Frontline suite.
Questex Media Group today announced the keynote speakers for Frontline Solutions Conference & Exposition, to be held September 26-29, 2005, at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.