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n. also front line
1. A front or boundary, especially one between military, political, or ideological positions.
2. Basketball See frontcourt.
3. Football The linemen of a team.
4. Sports The players who play farthest forward, as in volleyball.
adj. or front-line
1. Located or used at a military front.
2. Of or relating to the most advanced or important position or activity in a field or undertaking: "elicited candid revelations from many of the front-line executives ... and doggedly followed the money trail down all its byways" (Steve Fraser).
3. Sports
a. Of or relating to the frontline.
b. Being a member of the regular team; first-string: a team in need of a frontline catcher.
4. Performing the most basic tasks or interacting directly with customers, patients, or clients: a frontline caregiver; frontline caseworkers.
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today announced the integration of their Frontline.Cloud[TM] vulnerability management and threat assessment platform with the Cherwell IT Service Management (ITSM) platform.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 23, 2019-: FRO - Frontline to acquire a fleet of Suezmax tankers from Trafigura - Frontline
23, Frontline (NYSE:FRO) announced the acquisition of 10 Suezmaxes (a Suezmax is a tanker that carries 1 million barrels of crude oil) from global commodities trading giant Trafigura, with an option for four additional Suezmaxes.
"To increase manager engagement, frontline leaders can provide routine coaching, development and feedback," the blog posting noted.
Golden Ocean (GOGL) and Frontline (FRO) announced that they have entered into a non-binding term sheet agreement with Trafigura Group to establish a leading global supplier of marine fuels.
Frontline Insurance Secures First Cat Bond of $350M for Southeast Storms
24 May 2018 - Pennsylvania, US-based Frontline Education, an integrated insights partner to the education community, has agreed to acquire Texas, US-based business information systems provider Prologic Technology Systems, Inc., the company said.
Oil tanker firm Frontline expects shipping firms to scrap more old vessels which may lead to a recovery in rates for the remaining global fleet in the second half of 2018, its chief executive quoted as saying last week.
CEOs are substantially less likely than frontline staff to see bureaucratic barriers in their organizations.
Rupa Frontline, Indias largest selling inner wear brand, has recently revamped its new brand identity with the launch of its new logo, which aims to capture the sensibilities of the Millennials.
Frontline Packaging recently completed the successful supply and installation of a specially adapted semi-automatic preset case taper for Berkshire International at their factory in Norfolk.