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Adj.1.frontmost - preceding all others in spatial position; "the foremost compartment of the ship"
front - relating to or located in the front; "the front lines"; "the front porch"
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Of course, this is not to say that skulls and apples do not also attract Cezanne's interest as spherical shapes: in the original Still Life with Skull, we can see similar modeling and coloring in Cezannes treatment of the skull and the fruit, particularly the frontmost pear.
This model is consistent with the thickness of the Cambrian succession, close to 3,000 m, and the geological map, because Cambrian carbonates are exposed further to the north in the frontmost part of the Central Precordillera (Sierras of Talascasto, Cumillango, La Silla-Potrerillos, Guandacol) (Bordonaro, 2003).
Our frontmost line of defense is no more in Shalamcheh (in Southern Iran), rather this line is now in Southern Lebanon ('s border) with Israel as our strategic depth has now stretched to the Mediterranean coasts and just to the North of Israel," Safavi said, adding that the westerners are concerned about the spread of Iran's influence and power from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean.