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The company said that the liabilities are related with two mortgages held by Miami-Dade County of Centers, which owns and operates two jai-alai frontons in Ft Pierce and Miami, Florida, also offering poker and inter-track pari-mutuel wagering facilities.
Changes include giving racetracks and jai-alai frontons the option to become casinos.
Miami Dade casino development plans -- and the new construction they would entail -- remain unresolved as a high-stakes legal tussle continues between the Seminole Indian tribe and state-licensed operators of horse tracks, greyhound tracks and jai alai frontons.
Callahan, who had been skimming profits from his jai alai frontons for Mr.
Any county that so decided automatically granted its parimutuel facilities - in other words its racetracks, greyhound stadia and jai alai frontons - the exclusive right to build casinos on their property.
I thought the attrition would continue until all the frontons went the way of so many defunct roadside attractions.
In the end, the Senate passed the legislation, which also included tax breaks for the dog and horse tracks and jai-alai frontons, even though the beer-bottle section had been eliminated by the House.
In Florida, the "Proposition for Limited Casinos" would authorize casinos at the state's numerous horse and dog tracks and jai-alai frontons.
What once was the Arsenal of Democracy, with German metalworkers, Italian craftsmen, strong unions and a Socialist mayor, may have declined into needle-park housing projects, jai alai frontons 'and bad faith.
Florida Gaming Corporation (OTCBB:FGMG), an owner and operator of two jai-alai frontons and inter-track pari-mutuel wagering facilities, on Thursday disclosed that it has completed the Phase 2 property closing of the Miami-Dade aviation parcel.
Autotote conducts pari-mutuel wagering for various dog and horse tracks and jai alai frontons throughout the country.