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also front·run·ner (frŭnt′rŭn′ər)
1. One that is in a leading position in a race or other competition: the front-runner for the presidential nomination.
2. A competitor who performs best when in the lead.

front′-run′ning adj.


informal the leader or a favoured contestant in a race, election, etc
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UPM has been recognised as a Water Efficiency Frontrunner in Jiangsu Province and China at large.
Luke was thought by fans to be a frontrunner for the role and Harrison assures them the network felt the same.
Ards 2 Glentoran 0 BY CARL KENNEDY GLENTORAN legend Colin Nixon is a potential frontrunner for the vacant manager's post at The Oval.
It was an unfortunate run for the two-term senator who was pegged as the frontrunner for the vice presidential race early on.
WASHINGTON, April 9 (KUNA) -- Democrats look desperate to record a sophisticated and crucial New York vote as Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's brash comments could be his downfall with a contested convention looming.
On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders won in Nebraska and Kansas, while frontrunner Hillary Clinton took Louisiana.
There has been a major shift on the pipeline landscape, when Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that she is opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline.
Komatsu's FrontRunner system, installed on conventional mining haul trucks, enables the haulers to run completely autonomously.
ASTON Villa could be under new ownership by the start of next season after a frontrunner reportedly moved closer to buying out Randy Lerner.
Global Banking News-December 27, 2013--Yaduvendra Mathur frontrunner for EXIM CMD post
The opening of the FrontRunner South line to Provo is an investment in the future, says Michael Allegra, UTA general manager.
12 ( ANI ): Republican rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have sharpened their attacks on GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney, describing him as probably the weakest GOP front-runner since 1920.