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adv. & adj.
Toward, to, or at the front.

front′wards adv.


(ˈfrʌntwədz) ,




towards the front
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Adv.1.frontwards - at or to or toward the front; "he faced forward"; "step forward"; "she practiced sewing backward as well as frontward on her new sewing machine"; (`forrad' and `forrard' are dialectal variations)
dialect, idiom, accent - the usage or vocabulary that is characteristic of a specific group of people; "the immigrants spoke an odd dialect of English"; "he has a strong German accent"; "it has been said that a language is a dialect with an army and navy"
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His large backward-growing-all-round-the-chin-gingery-whiskered face was lit up with a pair of little roving red-lidded pig eyes, that were constantly on the watch,--sideways, lengthways, cornerways, all ways save frontways. He looked as if he was always premeditating a parable, but somehow never produced it.
Christy fell on top of me frontways, it was after him falling straight on top of me that I stabbed him."
I don't think Mike Tyson should be punished every time he steps a foot sideways, frontways or backwards."