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n. Music
A woman who is a lead singer of a group.
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Tracks like Drongo and Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya were irresistible blasts of frantic punk rock, sludgy metal riffs and juddering, almost-dubstep sub-bass rumble, topped by frontwoman Teresa Jarvis' jawdropping mix of Siouxsie and Karen O style vocals.
Icon award for Shirley Manson GARBAGE frontwoman Shirley Manson is to be honoured for her music and activism with an Icon Award.
Frontwoman Christina Halladay remembers another In St.
And if a crowd that failed to reach three figures was a disappointment, frontwoman Kobra Paige didn't let it show: passionate, professional and playing to the cameras, one of the most charismatic vocalists on the planet approached this show like it was her last.
Frontwoman Becca Macintyre's stage presence is energetic and raucous while she regularly ends up in the middle of the mosh pit during their sets.
HE-H--E FORMER Pretenders R Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde has released her first solo album after more than 30 years in the music business, but those expecting a return to the glory days may be sorely disappointed.
There's still plenty of bite with frontwoman Yukimi Nagano's sweet vocals honey-coating some alarmingly barbed lyrics, especially on Mirror, and Klapp Klapp is driven by a primal thwack of drums and grinding synths.
The Scottish trio - made up of frontwoman Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty - have come a long way since they last played at The Institute in November 2012 as the support for Passion Pit.
rix are led into their live musical s by their mono-named frontwoman The singer is better known as "Scouse" - the reasons for which become obvious after a few ciders, when her fiery temperament is just as apparent in her voice as it is in her general demeanor.
My wife of course," quipped Roach of Bangles frontwoman Susanna tIoffs.
Cocteau Twins Stars And Topsoil: A Collection 1982-1990 The Scottish alternative act, who provided the ultimate soundtrack for students everywhere in the 80s, and enigmatic frontwoman Elizabeth Fraser get a new retrospective that should be an important addition to any CD collection.
I gain and lose weight everywhere from the thighs up" Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie, above "I knew Arnold was the father and maybe as Joseph got older and began to look like him, he (Arnold) wondered.