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The problem in having a thick hedge around a garden is the same as having a wall, in that it blocks air from penetrating and creates what is known as a 'frost pocket', trapping cold air in winter and hot air in summer.
First, be sure your intended planting site receives full sun, has good air circulation and is not located in a frost pocket. Work on improving the soil now so that it will be ready for planting next spring.
"We want an open field that's not in frost pocket and is close to a community that's ideal to draw on local labour," says Dominy.
The swamp is different "because of its frost pocket effect," says Deborah Landau, conservation ecologist for the Maryland chapter of TNC.
Consider the aspect of your garden, whether you live in a wind tunnel or frost pocket and make a checklist of characteristics before buying your plants.
During the winter, he actually places a pebble over growing plants such as convolvulus cneorum, which would otherwise succumb to the cold, damp weather in this frost pocket.
Q I'VE just moved to a new garden and the neighbours tell me it is in a 'frost pocket'.
LIVING in a frost pocket, as I do, it's inevitable that each year I lose plants which are on the tender side, leaving gaps in my beds and borders which need to be filled.
I've planted specimens in the wrong place, made impulse buys at the garden centre of impractical plants which weren't going to survive in the frost pocket where I live and bought pretty pots that didn't go with my house or my existing collection.
If your annual rainfall exceeds 31 inches the chances of producing grapes with sufficient juice to make wine are not good, and if the garden is in a frost pocket non-existent.
Avoid early flowering varieties if you live in a frost pocket. Late flowering varieties of most fruit are available including apples, strawberries, blueberry, raspberries, and blackcurrants, often with high yields.