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1. (Geological Science) the deepest point in the ground to which frost will penetrate
2. (Geological Science) the limit towards the equator beyond which frosts do not occur


(ˈfrɔstˌlaɪn, ˈfrɒst-)

1. the maximum depth at which soil is frozen.
2. the lower limit of permafrost.
[1860–65, Amer.]
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Sunday evening and Monday is expected to be slightly cooler, but the frostline will stay south of the continent with only a limited effect to the north.
Summit's Frostline is a rye beer that does not stint on the rye.
How do you build sewer and sewage-treatment facilities that will freeze unless you put them well below frostline? How do you compost garbage?
By measuring the bubble soon after the frostline, the system can achieve proper bubble size without waiting for the film to pass through the top nip rollers.