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 (frôst′wûrk′, frŏst′-)
1. The intricate patterns produced by frost, as on a windowpane.
2. Artificially made ornamental patterns similar to those produced by frost, applied to the surface of metal or glass.


1. the patterns made by frost on glass, metal, etc
2. (Art Terms) similar artificial ornamentation


(ˈfrɔstˌwɜrk, ˈfrɒst-)

1. the delicate tracery formed by frost, esp. on glass.
2. similar ornamentation, as on metal.
References in classic literature ?
This shortly brought them to a be- witching spring, whose basin was incrusted with a frostwork of glittering crystals; it was in the midst of a cavern whose walls were supported by many fan- tastic pillars which had been formed by the joining of great stalactites and stalagmites together, the result of the ceaseless water-drip of centuries.
He is one of those, perchance the most hopeless of all sinners, who practise such an exemplary system of outward duties, that even a deadly crime may be hidden from their own sight and remembrance, under this unreal frostwork.
When they are real, they are not glass threads or frostwork, but the solidest thing we know.
Hay espeleotemas morfologicamente similares a flores, ritas y frostwork, (sensu Hill & Forti, 1997); pero se requiere un trabajo mas detallado para su clasificacion.
Se identificaronotros espeleotemas con morfologias similares a flores, rims y frostwork de acuerdo con las definiciones del Hill & Forti (1997).
The impetus of Advent is revealed in God's creation: in the slanted light of fading afternoon; in the hours after midnight: the springtime constellations tangled low in branches; and in the granule frostwork of the dawn.
Sandford~ on "Greek Authoresses" for The Edinburgh Review 55 (1832): 198, notes that Sappho gives "strictly a physical picture" of love in the second ode--"no play of the fancy--no fairy frostwork.
If you have such a window in your home, you may have noticed frostworks only form when the thermometer dips close to zero.