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 (frô′thē, frŏth′ē)
adj. froth·i·er, froth·i·est
1. Made of, covered with, or resembling froth; foamy.
2. Playfully frivolous in character or content: a frothy French farce.

froth′i·ly adv.
froth′i·ness n.
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Noun1.frothiness - the property of giving off bubbles
gaseousness - having the consistency of a gas
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Also on the show, Buffett's right-hand man, Charlie Munger, also blasted frothiness in bitcoin - and in venture capital funding.
For a touch of pink frothiness, try Chaerophyllum 'Roseum', hairy chervil, which has lovely umbels of pale pink flowers.
There's a real place for frothiness and comedy in the world and especially when it's done as artfully as filmmakers do that," she says.
Made with Papa's Pilar rum, smoked salt syrup, lime and egg white, the drink's frothiness and subtle saltiness bring to mind the foam that laps up on the seashore after a wave breaks.
If they're too blunt or too tough, they can have an unintended consequence rather than simply take the frothiness out of markets.
While this is a reflection of strong economic momentum it also indicates frothiness in the household rental sector and could prompt further cooling measures from the government
We have a reasonable perspective of what is going on in the UK market and while I hesitate to use the word 'bubble' it certainly feels as if there is a frothiness in the market that we probably haven't seen since 2008, especially in the private equity side.
Yet, although the story begins with a general frothiness, after awhile its sensibility ventures into somewhat heavier realms.