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a. The act of rubbing against or touching the body of an unsuspecting person, as in a crowd, to attain sexual gratification.
b. The act of consensual rubbing between two or more people, either clothed or unclothed, to attain sexual gratification.
a. A method of making a design by placing a piece of paper on top of an object and then rubbing over it, as with a pencil or charcoal.
b. A design so made.

[French, from frotter, to rub, from Old French froter.]


(ˈfrɒtɑːʒ; French frɔtaʒ)
1. (Art Terms) the act or process of taking a rubbing from a rough surface, such as wood, for a work of art
2. sexual excitement obtained by rubbing against another person's clothed body
[French, from frotter to rub]



1. a technique in the visual arts of obtaining textural effects or images by rubbing lead, chalk, charcoal, etc., over paper laid on a granular or relieflike surface.
2. sexual stimulation through rubbing the genitals against another person.
[1930–35; < French]


the act of rubbing against another person for sexual gratification. — frotteur, n.
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Noun1.frottage - masturbation by rubbing against another person (as in a crowd)
masturbation, onanism - manual stimulation of the genital organs (of yourself or another) for sexual pleasure
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Visitors, especially young people, are then invited to trace the stories by frottage on woodcuts.
It's also the chance for the Islanders to find out which family and friends sold stories on them while they were doing a bit of frottage in the Hideout - and which cringe school photos their parents released into the public domain of them.
Instead, Grommek placed pieces of corrugated cardboard beneath the canvas and then evenly applied paint with a roller for a frottage effect that makes for a strikingly convincing printed look.
Zuckerberg thinks I'm a single, 80-year-old female trapeze artist who loves beetroot, frottage and collecting navel fluff.
Which German artist pioneered the artistic technique of frottage? A Amadee Ozenfant B Peter Rubens C Max Ernst 10.
He offers direction on perspective and a number of techniques such as frottage and the scribble method.
Now he and his four assistants have rubbed almost the entire space in pencil or pastel, an act of frottage that records the grain and texture of every surface (Figs 1, 4 & 5).
Creating organic shapes made of dripped wax and rubbing the surface with the pencil, like Surrealist frottage (rubbing), the artist reveals beautiful and elusive forms.