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A person who engages in the sexual act of frottage.

[French, from frotter, to rub; see frottage.]

frot·teur′ism n.


(frɒˈtɜː; French frɔtœr)
(Psychiatry) a person who rubs against another person's body for sexual gratification



a person who practices frottage.
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Noun1.frotteur - someone who masturbates by rubbing against another person (as in a crowd)
masturbator, onanist - a person who practices masturbation
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The historical novelist tries to do this too, but, without familiar things at hand, reaches for some curious but concrete fact about the daily past, such as the frotteurs in Jefferson's Paris house, which is sometimes sufficient all by itself to surprise a lost time back to life.
Lace and epaulets aside, however, he was merely Jefferson's official frotteur, the servant assigned to polish and wax the wooden floors, which, with inimitable French gaiety he did by putting on his brushes and gliding up and down the hallways, hands behind his back, like a skater on a pond.