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also frou-frou  (fro͞o′fro͞o)
1. Fussy or showy dress or ornamentation.
2. A rustling sound, as of silk.
Fussy or showy in dress or ornamentation: "The cutesy, froufrou baby clothes of the past were tacky and foolish-looking" (Susan Gregory Thomas).

[French, of imitative origin.]
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- From French for "a rustling."
See also related terms for rustling.
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References in classic literature ?
He knew that this was Gladiator, but, with the feeling of a man turning away from the sight of another man's open letter, he turned round and went into Frou-Frou's stall.
"Frou-Frou's more nervous; he's stronger," said Vronsky, smiling at the compliment to his riding.
Frou-Frou was a beast of medium size, not altogether free from reproach, from a breeder's point of view.
"Now, Watson, the fair sex is your department," said Holmes, with a smile, when the dwindling frou-frou of skirts had ended in the slam of the front door.
And those scant, cotton frou-frous, they never came all the
In London they might have developed an interest in petty frou-frous and prissy nick-nacks, but when it comes to the drugs, I can quite categorically state they got a taste for them in this city!