frown line

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Noun1.frown line - a facial wrinkle associated with frowning
crinkle, wrinkle, furrow, crease, seam, line - a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface; "his face has many lines"; "ironing gets rid of most wrinkles"
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My appearance was not drastically altered but the annoying deep frown line was gone and crows feet around my eyes had all but disappeared.
Alternatively, you could try taking a vitamin B supplement." PRONOUNCED FROWN LINE "A pronounced frown line between the eyes shows the liver is under pressure.
Now that the format that mercilessly shows every last frown line is spreading over airwaves, Freeze 24/7 has become a hot commodity.
PRONOUNCED FROWN LINE A pronounced frown line between the eyes shows the liver is under pressure.
Alarms I usually have a sketchy memory, but I can recall in vivid detail every single time I've been woken up by a smoke or house alarm and for each one I can feel a frown line or grey hair waiting under my baby soft skin to come forth in later life.
Gill has a number of crow's feet around the eyes and also has a deep frown line between the eyes.
It takes three small injections between the eyebrows to treat the frown line and the treated muscles weaken over the following week or so.
"I had Botox because I didn't want to have a frown line on my wedding day," says Kerry, a former air stewardess who is now clinical manger for The Cosmetic Clinic@, which is based in Preston but has branches across the north west including Liverpool, and where husband Steve is the cosmetic dentist.
"My mum has a big frown line in between her eyes and I thought I don't want that.
But then I turned 40 and saw the world totally differently - from a face full of wrinkles, sags and etched with a deep frown line.
In just five minutes a deep frown line on my forehead was erased thanks to the Titan, a treatment that has just arrived in Scotland.
Aged 28, I don't have too many wrinkles, but I do have a frown line between my eyebrows.