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intr.v. frowned, frown·ing, frowns
1. To make a facial expression indicating thought or displeasure, as by wrinkling the brow and drawing down the corners of the mouth.
2. To regard something with disapproval or distaste: frowned on the use of so much salt in the food.
A facial expression indicating thought or displeasure; a scowl.

[Middle English frounen, from Old French froigner, to turn up one's nose, from frogne, grimace, of Gaulish origin; akin to Welsh ffroen, nostril, and Old Irish srón, nose.]

frown′er n.
frown′ing·ly adv.
Synonyms: frown, glower, lower1, scowl
These words mean to make a face expressing displeasure:frowns when he is annoyed; glowered when she was interrupted; lowered at the noisy child; scowled at my suggestion.
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Adv.1.frowningly - with a frown; while frowning; "he looked at her frowningly"
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Quilp looked frowningly at him, and frowningly at his wife, and frowningly at Richard Swiveller; but, receiving no enlightenment from any of them, hurried up stairs, whence he soon hurried down again, confirming the report which had already been made.
Rostov looked frowningly at the Frenchmen, bowed reluctantly, and remained silent.
I don't believe anything of the sort about Dorothea," said Sir James-- then frowningly, "but I suspect Ladislaw.