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adj. frows·ti·er, frows·ti·est Chiefly British
Having a stale smell; musty.

[Origin unknown.]


adj, -stier or -stiest
ill-smelling; stale; musty
ˈfrowstiness n


(ˈfraʊ sti)

adj. frowst•i•er, frowst•i•est. Brit.
[1860–65; perhaps dial. variant of frowzy]
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Adj.1.frowsty - stale and unclean smelling
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even as he mocks the "accoutred frowsty barn," he's
Westminster Abbey is hardly just another 'accoutred frowsty barn' (Larkin again): its architectural consequence, place in the history of British sculpture, and role in the definition and presentation of nation and monarchy grant it a significance that has no real rival, even across the city at St Paul's.
A section drawn from the diaries abounds with Woolf's fascinating variety of description, from "yeasty frowsty August" weather to "cold, dark, inhuman, primeval weather" (13).