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also frow·sy  (frou′zē)
adj. frow·zi·er, frow·zi·est also frow·si·er or frow·si·est
1. Unkempt; slovenly: frowzy clothes; a frowzy professor.
2. Having an unpleasant smell; musty.

[Origin unknown.]

frow′zi·ness n.
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(ˈfraʊzɪ) ,




adj, frowzier, frowziest, frouzier, frouziest, frowsier or frowsiest
1. untidy or unkempt in appearance; shabby
2. ill-smelling; frowsty
[C17: of unknown origin]
ˈfrowziness, ˈfrouziness, ˈfrowsiness n
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(ˈfraʊ zi)

adj. frowz•i•er, frowz•i•est.
1. dirty and untidy; slovenly.
2. ill-smelling; musty.
frowz′i•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.frowzy - negligent of neatness especially in dress and person; habitually dirty and unkempt; "filled the door with her frowzy bulk"; "frowzy white hair"; "slovenly appearance"
untidy - not neat and tidy; "careless and untidy in her personal habits"; "an untidy living room"; "untidy and casual about money"
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also frowsy
Smelling of mildew or decay:
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References in classic literature ?
Such hair as he had was of a grizzled black, cut short and straight upon his temples, and hanging in a frowzy fringe about his ears.
The old vagabond was settled again in his armchair, with his dog in his lap, his pipe in his mouth, and his French novel in his hand; exhibiting exactly the picture of frowzy comfort which he had presented when his visitors first entered the room.
The proprietor of this charming retreat, and owner of the ragged head before mentioned--for he wore an old tie-wig as bare and frowzy as a stunted hearth-broom--had by this time joined them; and stood a little apart, rubbing his hands, wagging his hoary bristled chin, and smiling in silence.
A creature half alive; an imperfectly developed animal in shapeless form clad in a man's pilot jacket, and treading in a man's heavy laced boots, with nothing but an old red-flannel petticoat, and a broken comb in her frowzy flaxen hair, to tell us that she was a woman--such was the inhospitable person who had received us in the darkness when we first entered the house.
Of course I was at his mercy till the end of the half, and in his weeks my study was so frowzy I couldn't sit in it."
I walk to the front window, and look across the road upon a long, straggling row of houses, one story high, terminating, nearly opposite, but a little to the left, in a melancholy piece of waste ground with frowzy grass, which looks like a small piece of country that has taken to drinking, and has quite lost itself.
She writes that Japanese dog grooming "has one objective: to make the dog as cute as possible!" Cuteness undoubtedly abounds in the book, along with fresh ideas for turning your frowzy mutt into a chic chien.
The middle-aged, frowzy blonde woman who sleeps on the fire escape with her husband, and who owns the dog that Thorwald eventually strangles to death.
We want to catch sight of a damp hairline, a frowzy eyebrow,
No Object Strephon's eye escapes, Her Pettycoats in frowzy Heaps; Nor be the Handkerchiefs forgot All varnish'd o'er with Sniff and Snot.
The photos document banal, depopulated surroundings: a dismal dance club, a closed church door, a frowzy dining room with plastic tablecloths and deer heads on the walls, each described simply in terms of its location: Entrance of Anguish, Anguish at Night, House of Anguish, and so on.
the rats sought warmth in the frowzy and sour scent of fear sweat