frozen section

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fro·zen sec·tion

n. corte por congelación, espécimen de tejido fino que se toma y congela inmediatamente para ser usado en el diagnóstico de tumores.
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Zitelli and his coinvestigators published a provocative prospective series of 535 patients whose melanomas --in situ or invasive--were excised via Mohs micrographic surgery with frozen section examination of the margins.
While Frozen Section tissue architecture closely approximates permanent histology sections, enabling a degree of comfort, Touch Impression Cytology provides better, crisp cellular details and even some tissue architecture with fewer artefacts.
After imaging, specimens were delivered to the pathology laboratory for frozen section if deemed clinically necessary by the operating surgeon.
Frozen section interpretation of brain tissue may prove difficult at times as the brain tissue has higher water content and is predisposed to show ice crystal artifacts.
(14) also noted that the survival of patients achieving R0 resection margin at the first frozen section examination has better results than those achieving R0 resection margin at the second frozen section.
Objective: To determine the success rate of surgical excision assisted with intra operative frozen section technique; in patients with high clinical suspicion of basal cell carcinoma at aesthetically important areas.
Due to the presence of the medical history of cryptorchidism, testis-sparing surgery with intraperative frozen section analysis was planned.
Be sure to take a little time to check out what's new in the frozen section during your next shopping trip and discover the many tasty mealtime solutions that await.
<B A person walks along a frozen section of Long Island Sound in Westport, Connecticut Spencer Platt
Because benign tumors are frequently reported for testicular and paratesticular tumors (n = 36/43, 83.7%) [5], testicular-sparing surgery combined with frozen section assessment is optimal when fibrous pseudotumor is suspected.
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Frozen section, H&E stain, showed mild fiber size variation and increased central nuclei.
After a detailed discussion with the patient and family and obtaining an informed consent, a decision was made for left inguinal exploration with intraoperative frozen section biopsy of the lesion and to proceed accordingly.