(frŭk-tĭf′ər-əs, fro͝ok-)
Bearing fruit.

[Latin frūctifer (frūctus, fruit; see fruit + -fer, -fer) + -ous.]


(frʌkˈtɪfərəs; frʊk-)
(Botany) (of plants or trees) bearing or yielding fruit
frucˈtiferously adv


(frʌkˈtɪf ər əs, frʊk-, fruk-)

fruit-bearing; producing fruit.
[1625–35; < Latin frūctiferus]
fruc•tif′er•ous•ly, adv.
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Thanks also to Professor Silmo Schuler for providing fructiferous discussion.
is a typical fructiferous of temperate climates, deciduous leaf of the Rosaceae family, and has great social, environmental and economic importance in the south of Brazil, besides promoting several health benefits (FACHINELLO et al.
The 'circle' at the bottom of our substance is Christ; 'seed-springing surrender' the Fructiferous Passion.
Other distinctions included CIAT's Distinguished Service Award (1990), special recognition conferred by SOCOLEN for "a continued and fructiferous contribution to Colombian Entomology" in 2001, SOCOLEN's award for outstanding entomological research (2003 and 2004), and CIAT's Outstanding Research Publication Award (2005).
I've had to restrain myself from overdoing it on the adjective front - floriferous, bountiful, fructiferous, fertile, munificent, magnificent - such temptations have been on the tip of my tongue or flashing across my computer screen many more times than I can tell you.
This is a very fructiferous path for studies of the Latino-American business reality.
This was the beginning of a lasting and fructiferous association of Haenszel with the Cali Registry recognized by Universidad del Valle, which gave him the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.
Never one to retreat from radical visions, Coover nonetheless knows that the search for what went before is as forlorn as it is fructiferous.
58) With his spicy and salty wit, Cervantes sows the fructiferous seeds of his refined and polished satire in the fertile terrain of paradoxical folly.
Many of the pale, pastel homes seem 80 percent garage, the remainder of their mishmash architecture largely hidden behind parapets of shrubbery, curtains of vine, and thick walls of fructiferous trees.
The model courts of Europe were those of Catherine and Marie Theresa, as well as Frederick II's of Prussia, who maintained a fructiferous relation with Voltaire for years, with Voltaire being responsible for the orientation of his education.