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 (frŭk′cho͞o-əs, fro͝ok′-)
Fruitful; productive.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin frūctuōsus, from frūctus, fruit; see fruit.]
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(ˈfrʌktjʊəs; ˈfrʊk-)
productive or fruitful; fertile
[C14: from Latin frūctuōsus, from frūctus fruit + -ous]
ˈfructuously adv
ˈfructuousness n
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(ˈfrʌk tʃu əs, ˈfrʊk-)

productive; fruitful.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin frūctuōsus]
fruc′tu•ous•ly, adv.
fruc′tu•ous•ness, n.
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The unpardonable scrapping of Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution, in any case now automatically renders in fructuous, the alleged instrument of accession of the Princely State between Maharaja Hari Singh and the Indian Government which underwrote special status and identity of Kashmiris, whose rights he could not have bartered away anyway.
In the application, the complainant had pleaded the court to indefinitely adjourn the matter or stay further proceedings in the case, arguing that if the present application was disposed of the other applications pending before the SHC and the SC would become in fructuous.
Problemys, liknessis & figures Which previd been fructuous of sentence.
Azam Nazir Tarar counsel for Saad Rafique told to court, 'PTI's Imran Khan has indicated to leave this seat; if this happens then his request will stand in fructuous.'
Since 2014, however, the government and private investors started focusing on reviving the tourism through various campaigns and offers; and their efforts have been fructuous. Between January and September 2017, 5.9 million tourists visited Egypt, with the majority of the came from European countries, 75%, 20% came from Arab countries.
Appearing for former chief minister Harish Rawat and other Congress MLAs, Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi submitted that both cases are in fructuous due to a new government in the state.
The image of Mary bearing and revealing Christ within gives a fructuous picture of the impossibility of the members of the fellowship, Chaucer included, to claim the last word, dependent as they are on one another for the capacity to speak and on the Word within that gives them all speech.
Accordingly, CBO expects the Omani banking sector to continue its fructuous performance in the current year 2016 under the tight surveillance of the Central Bank of Oman besides enjoying comfortable levels of liquidity and financial solvency.
"Kaizen has been one of our pillars of strength in this customer-focused effort and our 7years association with Kaizen is fructuous to customers in providing time bound quality service.
(65) The union of Aurora and Romney, which the latter compares to both a "Sweet shadow-rose and a human, vital, fructuous rose," only to be reminded by Aurora that "this very social rose smelt ill" in comparison with the "Flower of Heaven" (9.884-97), is yet another imperfect pairing, and not a true mixture combining diverse elements, since it is the inbred coupling of Leigh with Leigh.
En passant, this ensemble of articles provides a fructuous point of reference for on-going discussions about the functions and desirability of the continued employ of apartheid racial taxonomies in post-apartheid South Africa.
Still others show a development of the more recent primitive, organic forms made from terracotta on the theme 'fructuous' (2006).