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An animal, such as a chimpanzee or fruit bat, that feeds primarily on fruit.

[From frugivorous.]
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(Zoology) zoology an animal that feeds primarily on fruit
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For example, if the customer's parrot is a frugivore, manufacturers and retailers can educate the customer on the best ways to provide a balanced diet with a focus on fruits and then offer them the products that best fit the needs of their parrot.
This species is classified as a successful generalist frugivore due to its capacity to compensate for a host characteristic that tends to decrease the population growth rate (r) with another that tends to increase it, resulting in high growth rate (KRAINACKER et al., 1987).
The new words included "biliblanket", "frugivore" and "tomographer" - hardly everyday stuff.
The berries and insects were the main food resources for Frugivore and Insectivore birds.
Plants that are categorized as anachronistic usually produce large, edible fruits that apparently evolved to attract a now extinct, seed dispersing frugivore. The large size of many of these fruits has led authors to conclude the megafaunal mammals were the main seed dispersers for these species (janzen and Martin.
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We observed six simple dietary guilds viz., insectivore (47), omnivore (20), granivore (9), carnivore (7), frugivore (6) and nectarivore (5).
Apparently, the third species of frugivore, Varanus mabitang from Panay, has a higher preference for fruit than either of the other two species,' he said.
If a carnivore eats meat, what does a frugivore eat?