fruit compote

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Noun1.fruit compote - dessert of stewed or baked fruitfruit compote - dessert of stewed or baked fruit  
afters, dessert, sweet - a dish served as the last course of a meal
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Packed in 16s, they are a thaw and serve dessert and, presented in a dark chocolate souflle cup, they have a passion fruit compote topped with light passion fruit and ginger flavoured souffle.
One is made with moist madeira sponge covered in a fruit compote, topped with rum-laced custard, which is available in 140 or 750g packs.
In July, the most popular export orders included cotton, tomato, hazelnut, apple, tobacco, chicken egg, wine, confectionery, cosmetics, tea, building materials, engine oil, honey, paint, fruit compote, pomegranate products, wool, furniture sets, mineral water, etc.
Unlike jam, a fruit compote contains whole or diced fruits.
Serve chilled and it's a perfect match with mulled fruit compote, traditional Christmas cake and cheeses.
I'm a simple-maple-syrup kind of girl, but a warm fruit compote, fresh berries, candied nuts and whipped cream are all toppings worthy of this top toast.
A buffet breakfast is included and we had yogurt and fruit compote then sausages and bacon with beans on toast.
The Honey Maple Pie with Fruit Compote is a revelation.