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Noun1.fruit drink - a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juicefruit drink - a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice
beverage, drinkable, potable, drink - any liquid suitable for drinking; "may I take your beverage order?"
lemonade - sweetened beverage of diluted lemon juice
limeade - sweetened beverage of lime juice and water
orangeade - sweetened beverage of diluted orange juice
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He said that it would be compulsory for companies to mention quantity of ingredients on the packing of fruit drink beverages.
For the study, published in the journal Aggressive Behavior, a group of 200 children were randomized to receive either a fruit drink containing 1 gm of omega-3 fats and a placebo group drank the same fruit drink without omega-3.
Enjoy the beauty of the sea while it's still hot out, and do not forget to grab your favorite fruit drink and listen to your upbeat music.
National Trading and Developing Establishment (NTDE) has launched a fruit drink range, JUS, made of natural ingredients, Vitamin C, and is free of any artificial colours or flavours.
While it did not specify which products are part of the transaction, GSM's website listed its non-alcoholic beverage products as Magnolia fruit drink mix, Magnolia Health tea mix, Magnolia fruit drink, bottled Magnolia Health tea, Magnolia pure water, and Berri Juice.
S&W, an internationally-renowned brand in the food and beverage industry, has launched S&W Heart Smart 100% pineapple juice and S&W Heart Smart four seasons mixed fruit drink with Reducol.
Marketers of the cactus-based fruit drink Nopalea, TriVita, Inc., will refund $3.5 million to settle FTC charges that it deceived consumers through unsupported claims.
Overall, regular soda and fruit drink consumption [greater than or equal to]1 times daily was most common among persons aged 18-34 years (24.5% and 16.6% for daily regular soda and fruit drink consumption, respectively), men (21.0% and 12.3%), non-Hispanic blacks (20.9% and 21.9%), and Hispanics (22.6% and 18.5%) (Table 2).
Notty which is ready-to-drink, healthy fruit drink, packed in a shelf-stable, easy to serve and store, 1-litre pack is available in pink guava & mango flavors.
Joromie Lewis, 33, of Kings Road, Gosport, Hampshire, became ill immediately after drinking the pear fruit drink, which contained a lethal amount of the drug.
The new range is ideal as a premium everyday fruit drink, and suitable for serving at any social occasion.