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Noun1.fruit grower - someone who grows fruit commerciallyfruit grower - someone who grows fruit commercially
agriculturalist, agriculturist, cultivator, grower, raiser - someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil
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by Richard Jones, Group Editor American Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower, and Florida Grower
It drew a large number of visitors keen to pick up advice on how to manage their own fruit trees, from experienced fruit grower, Robert Boyle, and health and safety advice from tree expert Chris Hughes.
Tougas is president of the International Fruit Growers Association and was last year's Massachusetts Fruit Grower of the year.
A WEST Midland metal manufacturing firm is enjoying rich pickings after winning a pounds 75,000 contract with a Herefordshire soft fruit grower.
A Swiss fruit grower took 20 years to breed the new fruit.
Fruit grower S& A says it has reduced the tunnel height.
Only a professional fruit grower would be able to spot the ideal darkness and tenderness of the skin.
Things must be done in a large way if the fruit grower is to deal on the same level with the combinations of capital with which his product comes in contact at every step from the orchard to the consumer.
Meister Media publishes American/Western Fruit Grower, American Vegetable Grower, and Florida Grower magazines, web sites and e-newsletters.
Del Monte bid on the fixed assets and Pacific Coast Producers, another fruit grower cooperative, bid on the inventory, according to a report in the Capital Press.
The redwoods, the first to be planted outside their native California, were sent as seedlings to local fruit grower Patrick Matthew in 1853.
With its sizeable pool of readily available cold stores, Dawsonrentals Portable Cold Storage was able to supply Highland Court Fruit Limited with four portable cold stores from its leading Superbox range when the specialist fruit grower lost eight of its own cold stores in a fire last November.