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One whose diet includes raw fruits, seeds, and nuts but no vegetables, grains, or animal products.

[Blend of fruit and (veget)arian.]


a person who eats only fruit
of or relating to a fruitarian: a fruitarian diet.
fruiˈtarianˌism n
References in classic literature ?
In the morning I shared the dog with Lop-Ear and his wife, and for several days the three of us were neither vegetarians nor fruitarians.
"Having grown up as a fruitarian that learned to heal with what nature provides, I saw immediately the value of this amazing concept." Mr.
Instances of splinters include -arian ([left arrow] vegetarian), as in fruitarian [1893], nutarian [1909], etc.
Vegan, vegetarian, carnation, gluten-free, fruitarian, in short, anyone who wants to be inspired by new flavors while sharing their favorite vegan recipes with others.
There is insufficient protein in a fruitarian diet, and "good fats" are rarely found, except in avocadoes.
Passengers on Aeroflot flights can choose from 17 special menus, with a number of vegetarian options including vegan (no animal products, including milk or eggs), Asian vegetarian (no meat or fish and limited use of dairy products) and fruitarian.
WASHINGTON, July 21 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti official called for further international action on part of global audit organizations to bring into fruitarian the UN 2030 development goals.
Among those she meets are expectant mothers who followed strict fruitarian diets, a businesswoman who plans to gain the"post-birth glow" said to have been achieved by the Duchess of Cambridge after the arrival of her two children, and two mums-to-be who are seeking spiritualist ocean births in Hawaii in the presence of wild dolphins, having already made use of crystals to predict their due dates.
He's a fruitarian. Colleagues at his first job complain of his "odour".
To prepare for his role, Ashton Kutcher followed a fruitarian diet, similar to Steve Jobs' reported diet.