fruiting body

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fruit·ing body

A specialized spore-producing structure, especially of a fungus.
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fruiting body

(Botany) the part of a fungus in which the spores are produced. Also: fruit body
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fruit′ing bod′y

an organ that produces spores.
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Noun1.fruiting body - an organ specialized for producing sporesfruiting body - an organ specialized for producing spores
ascocarp - mature fruiting body of an ascomycetous fungus
acervulus - small asexual fruiting body resembling a cushion or blister consisting of a mat of hyphae that is produced on a host by some fungi
basidiocarp - the fruiting body of a basidiomycete which bears its spores on special cells
aecium - fruiting body of some rust fungi bearing chains of aeciospores
plant organ - a functional and structural unit of a plant or fungus
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The dried pulverized fruiting body (362.1 g) was cold macerated for 72 h with n-hexane with fresh replacement of solvent at 24-h intervals to obtain the NHE.
In my research of the Lion's Mane mushroom, we find that its fruiting body contains at least two types of bioactive substances--the hericenones and amyloban--that strongly stimulate NGF synthesis and protect neuronal cells from oxidative stress-induced cell death.
Both, the fruiting body and ectomycorrhizae were characterized morphoanatomically as well as by molecular analysis.
MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd also brings the Agaricus Blazei Extract, which is extracted from the fruiting body. This is a new medicinal mushroom that contains beta glucan that stimulate the natural cells, which are the vital part of our immune system.
Bioconcentration factor (BCF), the ratio of the element content in fruiting body to the content in underlying substrate, can express the ability of fungi to accumulate elements from substrate, and this capacity of the mushroom is affected by fungal lifestyle, age of fruiting body, specific species and element, and environment such as pH, organic matter, and pollution [9].
The fruiting body of Cerrena unicolor (Bull.) Murrill was collected from deciduous tree Salix caprea grown in Drobin, Poland (Table 1).
For example, the glucans, which are Lentinan, purified from the fruiting body of Lentinus edodes, as well as Krestin, isolated from a medicinal mushroom, Trametes versicolor [4] and D-fraction, a glucan from the edible mushroom Grifola frondosa [5], display an antitumor activity [6].
In the article titled "Hypoglycemic Activity through a Novel Combination of Fruiting Body and Mycelia of Cordyceps militaris in High-Fat Diet-Induced Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Mice" [1], there was an error in the first affiliation.
A major part of this research has been conducted on extracts from the mushroom's fruiting body. This part of the mushroom is rich in polysaccharides, in particular [beta]-glucans, which have been shown to have strong immunomodulating properties, acting mainly through the stimulation of the innate immune system [3].
Mushroom is fascinating fleshy fruiting body structure of a fungus belongs to class Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes (Arora, 1986).
For the uninitiated, a truffle is a tuber, a fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus.