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1. A small fruit.
2. Botany A single member of a multiple fruit.


(Botany) a small fruit, esp one that is part of an aggregate fruit


(ˈfrut lɪt)

a small fruit, esp. one of those forming an aggregate fruit.
multiple fruit, fruitlet - The pineapple is termed a multiple fruit because it forms from the individual ovaries of several flowers; each raised button on its surface is called a fruitlet.
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Noun1.fruitlet - a diminutive fruit, especially one that is part of a multiple fruit
fruit - the ripened reproductive body of a seed plant
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Efficiency of fruitlet thinning in apple 'Gala Must' by use of metamitron and artificial shading.
In turn, 21 descriptors were applied to determine the qualitative features: plant habit; leaf variegation, leaf variegation distribution, main color of the sheet on the upper face, leaf anthocyanin pigmentation, spinescence, color of spines, wavy-edged blades, shape of the peduncle, external color of the shell syncarp, syncarp shape, bract apex shape of the fruitlet, overlapping bracts in relation to the fruitlet, bract color of the fruitlet, bracts at the base of the crown, bract color at the base in relation to the crown, bract color of the crown, crown length/syncarp length ratio, crown diameter/syncarp diameter ratio, number of colors of the crown and the shape of the crown apex.
Ethephon as a blossom and fruitlet thinner affects crop load, fruit weight and fruit quality of the European plum cultivar 'Jubileum'.
Each fruitlet can be identified by an "eye," the rough spiny marking on the pineapple's surface.
Extensive feeding can also result in flower and fruitlet abortion, which is a direct yield loss (Childers 1997).
Plum curculio larvae get their start in a crescentlike scar the female weevil makes to prevent the growing fruitlet from crashing her egg; European apple sawfly larvae first scratch the surface of a pea-sized fruitlet, and then go on to eat the steeds in another three or four fruitlets.
Hormonal regulation of fruitlet abscission induced by carbohydrate shortage in citrus.
Eficiency of fruitlet thinning in apple "Gala Must" by use of metamitron and artificial shading.
Carbohydrate and ethylene levels regulate citrus fruitlet drop through the abscission zone A during early development.