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(fro͞o′mən-tē) also fur·mi·ty (fûr′mĭ-tē)
n. pl. fru·men·ties also fur·mi·ties
Hulled wheat boiled in milk and flavored with sugar and spices.

[Middle English frumente, from Old French froumentee, from froument, grain, from Latin frūmentum.]
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(ˈfruːməntɪ) ,






(Cookery) Brit a kind of porridge made from hulled wheat boiled with milk, sweetened, and spiced
[C14: from Old French frumentee, from frument grain, from Latin frūmentum]
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(ˈfru mən ti)

n. Brit.
a dish of wheat boiled in milk and usu. flavored with sugar, cinnamon, and raisins.
[1350–1400; Middle English frumentee < Old French, =frument grain (< Latin frūmentum) + -ee -y3]
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Noun1.frumenty - sweet spiced porridge made from hulled wheat
hot cereal - a cereal that is served hot
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'Frumenty and mince pie,' the Gnat replied; 'and it makes its nest in a Christmas box.'
Learn what frumenty is and where the Yule-log tradition came from.
See The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) frumenty 1, a dish made with hulled, boiled wheat.
FRUMENTY A Hulled wheat boiled in milk B Dowdy woman C Use of possession who am I?
Not all of my cookery has worked out--however long I boiled wheat frumenty, it was always as hard as pebbles!
Finally, there is an assortment of genuine Irish recipes for trusty Gaelic favorites, including Boxty, Crubeens, Irish Lamb Stew, Soda Bread, Frumenty and Flummery, Bannocks or Scones, and Shepherd's Pie.
More than 100 years ago in the North-east no Christmas Day was complete without a dish of Frumenty. Christmas Eve father would bring in the "Yule Clog" and mother would put the finishing touches to the Christmas eve supper a dish of Frumenty.
Christmas Pudding began life as Frumenty which was a kind of porridge!
Christmas pudding is thought to have originated as a 14th Century porridge called frumenty which was a mix of beef and mutton along with fruits including raisins, currants and prunes.
(4) The collection as excerpted in the Whitney MS provides recipes for dishes running from "Firmenty" or frumenty, "a dish of boiled, hulled wheat, resembling a modern wheat porridge or pilaff," (5) through "Puerate" or peverade (later poivrade), a pepper sauce for veal or venison.
They included frumenty, a porridge-style dish, and payn puff, boiled fruits in pastry.
Surprisingly, a variety of dishes including hasty pudding, frumenty, beer, chocolate, cheesecake, and even nettles were regularly served in workhouses.