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Adj.1.frustrative - preventing realization or attainment of a desire
preventative, preventive - tending to prevent or hinder
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A practicing psychiatric, Doctor Azhar Kazmi, encouraging the humorous aspect of social media said it was a very positive component to neutralize aggressive and frustrative behaviours.
Frustrative nonreward in partial reinforcement and discrimination learning: some recent history and theoretical extension.
The role of frustrative nonreward in noncontinuous reward situation.
158), frustrative "in vain" marking, and systems of evidentiality, whereby speakers are required to specify their source of information when making a statement about a state of affairs.
Frustrative nonreward and pituitary-adrenal activity in squirrel monkeys.
(113) Remarking on their experiences with the regulations over the years, he claimed "we are in a general frustration although we have repeatedly inform[ed] the Fisheries Department of this great frustrative situation." (114) He continued, describing the difficulties their ancestors had when they first took part in the industrial fishery, and the difficulties they, their descendants, were facing: "we dedicated ourselves to humility, like our forefathers did whey they started building this fishing industry suffering unbearable hardships ...
In terms of anger-aggression response topographies that characterize BPD (see criteria eight in the DSM-IV-TR), in addition to being a poor coping response to emotion dysregulation, these behaviors may also develop as the result of overactive approach behaviors that do not result in immediate positive reinforcement (i.e., frustrative non-reward).
High state and trait anxiety are associated with the activation of the BIS (a conceptual nervous system concept that largely reflects the activities of the septo-hippocampal system), with those most sensitive or reactive to the effects of punishment or frustrative non-reward (i.e., the nonoccurrence of an expected reward) being highest on the anxiety dimension.
Ono (1992) treats the V-te shimau auxiliary from the point of view of grammaticization, designating it as a marker of "frustrative," nonvolitionality, and evidentiality.
Trio contains a so-called 'frustrative' ending which expresses an expectation that has not been met, said Dr Carlin.
Melges and Poppen (1976) found that when monkeys were trained on a differential rate of reinforcement for low rates of response, increases in the delay interval before reinforcement led to the monkeys becoming highly agitated, and they manifested frustrative behaviors such as biting their fingers, shaking the cage, and vocalizing.