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n. pl. frus·tums or frus·ta (-tə) Mathematics
The part of a solid, such as a cone or pyramid, between two parallel planes cutting the solid, especially the section between the base and a plane parallel to the base.

[Latin frūstum, piece broken off.]
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n, pl -tums or -ta (-tə)
1. (Mathematics) geometry
a. the part of a solid, such as a cone or pyramid, contained between the base and a plane parallel to the base that intersects the solid
b. the part of such a solid contained between two parallel planes intersecting the solid
2. (Architecture) architect a single drum of a column or a single stone used to construct a pier
[C17: from Latin: piece; probably related to Old English brӯsan to crush, bruise]
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(ˈfrʌs təm)

n., pl. -tums, -ta (-tə).
1. the part of a conical solid left after cutting off a top portion with a plane parallel to the base.
2. the part of a solid, as a cone or pyramid, between two usu. parallel cutting planes.
[1650–60; < Latin: piece, bit]
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Noun1.frustum - a truncated cone or pyramidfrustum - a truncated cone or pyramid; the part that is left when a cone or pyramid is cut by a plane parallel to the base and the apical part is removed
solid - a three-dimensional shape
truncated pyramid - a frustum formed from a pyramid
truncated cone - a frustum formed from a cone
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And, with last month's $70 million acquisition of engineering software provider Frustum Inc., the company is also adding artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into its Creo 3D CAD portfolio that can guide the discovery of high-performance, next-generation product designs.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 21, 2018-PTC Acquires Frustum, Adding AI, Generative Design Capabilities to CAD Portfolio
The conical frustum shape of the tank helps avoid deposition of particles at the reservoir bottom corners.
The calibration procedure is necessary to model intrinsically and extrinsically the virtual viewing frustum to the user viewing volume.
Cutting off the tip of a right circular cone generates a frustum; J.C.
The lines connecting the Camera-GO with the Background-GO denote the edges of the view frustum (edges of the camera's field of view) of the Camera-GO.
The other expresses segmented taper models assume that the tree bole is divisible into three geometric shapes: a neiloid frustum at the base, a paraboloid frustum in the middle portion, and a cone frustum at the top.
The structure and forces of supercavitating vehicle are shown in Figure 2, supercavitating vehicle is a rotating body, the head is cavitator, the forepart is a frustum, the middle part is a column, and the tail is a stretching apron-like fin.
As a result, a lot of geometry is placed outside the viewing frustum (thus outside the screen), because a large quad close to the user cannot normally fit within the complete screen.
Various methods have been developed to increase the rendering speed of 3D spatial data, including frustum culling, quad-tree/octree, level of detail (LOD) approach, and tile map services.
(b) The mass [m.sub.i] of each small frustum of cone element was found considering the classical relation of the density using for volume the areas [S.sub.i] and [S.sub.i+1] and the length [l.sub.i].