fry up

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w>fry up

vt sep(auf)braten, in die Pfanne hauen (inf)
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I don't know why it worked, though - Graham Williamson, 28, an unemployed admin worker from Middlesbrough I can't think of anything better than a fry up, though ideally it would be made by someone else - that makes me feel even better - Giles Lewis, 28, a biologist visiting Middlesbrough I'm still looking for the cure.
But while four-fifths of people said it was important to make a healthy start to the day 1 in 25 women and 13 per cent of men have a fry up.
amp;nbsp;It was reported that Prince Harry pre ordered early morning bacon butties and fry ups for the following morning.
Swap fry ups for grill ups, swap sitting while chatting on the phone for walking around the house on the phone, swap fizzy drinks for sparkling water with lemon and swap milkshakes for smoothies.