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a small chicken suitable for frying
Not to be confused with:
friar – member of a Roman Catholic order


also fri·er  (frī′ər)
1. One that fries, as a deep utensil usually equipped with a basket and used for frying foods.
2. A small young chicken suitable for frying.


(ˈfraɪə) or


1. (Cookery) a person or thing that fries
2. (Cookery) a young chicken suitable for frying


or fri•er

(ˈfraɪ ər)

1. something, as a young chicken, to be cooked by frying.
2. a pan for frying foods.
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Noun1.fryer - flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for fryingfryer - flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for frying
chicken, poulet, volaille - the flesh of a chicken used for food


[ˈfraɪəʳ] N
1. (= pan) → sartén f (m in LAm)
deep-fat fryerfreidora f
2. (= person) → empleado/a m/f de una freiduría


frier [ˈfraɪər] nsauteuse ffrying pan npoêle f, poêle f à frirefry-up [ˈfraɪʌp] n (British) plat composé de plusieurs aliments frits à la poêle
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