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adj. Slang
Utterly botched or confused.

[f(ucked) u(p) b(eyond) a(ll) r(ecognition).]
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(ˈfʊːbɑː) or


slang irreparably damaged or bungled
[C20: acronym for f(ucked) u(p) b(eyond) a(ll) r(epair)]
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In reply Luke Szpadt scored 35 at the top of the order, but it was a bridge too far as FUBAR were dismissed for 73.
A Stirling Council spokesperson said: "Our public health team have been investigating noise complaints about the Fubar nightclub from residents of the new flats on Goosecroft Road.
Gaunt will lead the conversations alongside an array of political and topical guests in the four-hour current affairs show and joins the likes of Justin Lee Collins and Richard Herring on the Fubar roster of DJs.
I was glad because it was getting too much." Check out the full chat on Fubar tomorrow at 10am.
Sheriff Gilchrist told Lowe he had committed the charity shop offences when he was on bail for the offences at the Fubar, which were also serious.
The Highwaymen & Taverners scored 116 for 4 against FUBAR. Chris Fowler top scored with 41 not out and Tommy Burns got 22.
He wowed the crowds at City, Perth and Fubar, Stirling, on Friday.
Last night, the retro group appeared without him at one of their regular gigs at Stirling's Fubar nightclub.
It was the brain child of Snitterfield-based Village Warner, 29, Oli Thorndale, 25, and Bazz Howard, 28, who formed Fubar Factory four years ago.
Pound shops, vape shops, charity shops with nothing to attract residents or visitors.The council is stuck in its ways and something needs to change.You need new clubs to give Fubar and Dusk a reason to improve, Students come here because the campus is wild and must lose their minds with boredom within a few months."
The 404s batted first against FUBAR and scored 106 for 7.