fuck about

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fuck about


fuck around

vb (adverb)
1. (intr) to act in a stupid or aimless manner
2. (tr) to treat (someone) in an inconsiderate or selfish way

w>fuck about

(Brit vulg)
virumgammeln (inf); to fuck about with somebodyjdn verarschen (inf); someone’s been fucking about with the engineverdammt, da hat irgend so ein Arsch am Motor rumgefummelt (sl)
vt sepverarschen (inf)
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They don't give a fuck about one another--even the gay couple.
Fast forward to now--there are companies that are supposed to represent skateboarding who really wouldn't give a fuck about it if it wasn't now a world-wide interest.
If you think that the hollow City Hall proclamations are empowering, or that your baby-kissin' small town politicians really give a fuck about you and your little toy (yes, toy), woe be tide .