fucoid algae

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Noun1.fucoid algae - any of various algae of the family Fucaceae
brown algae - algae having the chlorophyll masked by brown and yellow pigments
family Fucaceae, Fucaceae - small family of brown algae: gulfweeds; rockweeds
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We recently demonstrated that high water motion inhibits gamete release in fucoid algae (Serrao et al.
This sensitivity to hydrodynamic conditions has important ecological consequences by contributing to the high fertilization efficiencies of fucoid algae (Brawley 1992, Pearson and Brawley 1996, Serrao et al.
Fucoid algae release male and female gametangia (antheridia and oogonia) through multicellular pores to the surface of the alga from spherical, subepidermal conceptacles present throughout the reproductive tissue (receptacles, Fritsch 1945).