fudge sauce

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Noun1.fudge sauce - thick chocolate sauce served hot
chocolate sauce, chocolate syrup - sauce made with unsweetened chocolate or cocoa and sugar and water
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Shack Attack is chocolate custard with Bucky's original brownie, Auro chocolate chunks, Shack fudge sauce, and choco sprinkles.
Manila's exclusive menu includes Ube Shake which has the diner's signature vanilla frozen custard ice cream blended with ube and is hand-spun to order Calamansi Pie, a vanilla custard mixed with calamansi pie from the local favorite Wildflour Bakery and the Shack Attack, a chocolate custard mixed with Bucky's original brownie, Auro chocolate chunks, Shack fudge sauce, and chocolate sprinkles.
Varieties include The Unicorn, drizzled with a pink glitter glaze, rainbow drops and sprinkles; We're All Nuts Round Here, piled with peanut butter, Nutella, Oreo crumb and Reese's peanut butter cups; and Smores, topped with chocolate fudge sauce, Hershey's chocolate pieces and digestive biscuits, and skewered with a toasted marshmallow kebab.
If that doesn't have them weak at the knees, there's a dessert of chocolate sponge cake covered in a rich Coppenrath & Wiese Chocolate Fudge sauce for you both to share a spoonful of over your candle-lit dinner.
Amongst their pudding selection is the chocolate brownie and cinder toffee trifle (vegetarian and gluten free) with chocolate fudge sauce and salted caramel cream.
The two puddings we chose to share between four were both incredibly tasty and very similar - chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate pudding with chocolate caramel fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream.
I couldn't face a dessert but Eve had a Smores sandwich - toffee waffle filled with marshmallows with Nutella topped with warm fudge sauce served with a decadent sticky toffee ice-cream (PS4.60) which she said was "amazing" while Ben thoroughly enjoyed his two American pancakes with maple syrup.
Nevertheless we each enjoyed our brownies which were gloopy and rich, a decadent sugary treat, topped with a treacly warm fudge sauce and chopped pecan nuts with a milky vanilla ice cream (approx PS4.50 - the dessert menu was only given orally, with no prices, but two brownies and a Coke came to PS11).
Top with banana slices, (try threading on the straw) whipped cream, hot fudge sauce, maraschino cherry and chopped nuts.
Daniel devours his flatbread and hummus, then sticky pork before both boys knock back their chocolate brownie with hot fudge sauce and clotted cream.
New PreGel Pino PinguinoA Cold Fudge Sauces include: Pino PinguinoA Caramel -- The flavor of caramel toffee commands this cold fudge sauce that maintains a soft texture even in freezing temperatures.
Meanwhile, John F Kennedy in the early 1960s was apparently fond of New England fish chowder and ice cream with hot fudge sauce.