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Noun1.fuel consumption rate - the ratio of the number of miles traveled to the number of gallons of gasoline burnedfuel consumption rate - the ratio of the number of miles traveled to the number of gallons of gasoline burned
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
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The cap of 200 litres of M91 petrol was based on an analysis of the data of vehicles registered in the Sultanate, and fuel consumption rate in the past five years.
The dynamic drive cycle is divided into discrete time steps, in which a quasi-steady state calculation is performed to assess the instantaneous fuel consumption rate based on the vehicle speed, road load, tire slip loss, transitional and rotational inertia, the engine efficiency as well as transmission ratio and efficiency.
2] emissions level depends on the power of the engine and its associate cylinder capacity, on the fuel consumption rate --related with the labor execution time--, and on the number of "walks" required given the type of soil preparation (conventional/traditional, soft, and zero), which differs of the pre-harvesting cycle where the sugarcane is (ratoon or sett) and on the agro-ecologic zone where the lot is present.
Solution to the problem of formation of the science-based standards of the fuel consumption rate per trip for shunting work is possible through the use of a mathematical model that takes into account the impact of transient processes on the increase in fuel consumption.
ij] = fuel consumption rate of a vehicle (gallons per mile) when traveling arc (i, j) [[rho].
For instance, a 10% reduction in fuel consumption rate not only saves money in fuel costs, but it also means less frequent stops to refuel.
Despite its increased output of 50hp compared to the Cayenne Turbo, the new model has the same fuel consumption rate of 11.
It has helped speed the boarding process, ensured sufficient overhead space is available for all carry-on bags, and it has helped reduce the airline's fuel consumption rate by the equivalent of nearly six million gallons in the past year alone.
It guarantees its customers that its service will not include delayed fees, fuel consumption rate fee, taxing surcharge, and other potential perks.
Despite the strong acceleration and a tendency to push the Mazda because of its willing nature, the fuel consumption rate remains strong.
The CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft's mission fuel consumption rate is 4% better than previously calculated and savings in fuel burn are resulting in average annual savings per aircraft of around USD220,000.