fuel injection system

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Noun1.fuel injection system - mechanical system to inject atomized fuel directly into the cylinders of an internal-combustion enginefuel injection system - mechanical system to inject atomized fuel directly into the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine; avoids the need for a carburetor
mechanical system - a system of elements that interact on mechanical principles
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The fuel injection system delivers fuel or a fuel-air mixture to the cylinders by means of pressure from a pump.
Fig--4 shows a fuel injector in the normal fuel injection system. Specifications:
Often, the same basic engine will produce greater power when a fuel injection system is fitted instead of a carburetor.
Usually, fuel injection systems are only used in motorcycles, but in recent years there has been a growing need to apply these systems to smaller motorized bikes up to the size of 150cc that are used in emerging markets, like China.
Meeting federal EPA Tier 4 Final diesel engine standards, the vehicle's 1.8-liter, three-cylinder engine features an electronic fuel injection system with controller area network (CAN-BUS) to maintain horsepower and increase torque while saving fuel.
Albany, NY, June 13, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A fuel injection system is used in various automobile engines (gasoline engine & diesel engines) of light and heavy vehicles.
The airflow to each cylinder is determined by the volumetric efficiency of each cylinder and is, in no way, related to the fuel injection system. As a rule, the airflows match fairly well.
has developed the new 'Mio125i', an automatic transmission (AT) commuter model that mounts a liquid-cooled 4-stroke 125cc engine equipped with Yamaha's exclusive YMJET-FI*1 fuel injection system.
The fuel injection system, designed by mechanical engineering student and team member Lihang Nong for the team's vehicle, is now the focus of a start-up called PicoSpray.
Recently he refined the design of the engine's fuel injection system, reducing fuel consumption by 50% - an innovation likely to receive another patent.
Simultaneously, an electronic controlled, high-pressure common-rail direct fuel injection system helps keep emissions and fuel consumption low.