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Noun1.fuel level - the amount of fuel remainingfuel level - the amount of fuel remaining  
stockpile, reserve, backlog - something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose
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The helicopter manufacturer issued an information notice dated January 21 2013 regarding water contamination of the fuel system, which stated that a "couple of drops of water" concentrated between the metal tubes of the fuel level sensor may be enough to affect the signal to the pilot's display.
The Model P330 can simulate capacitive oil or fuel level sensors.
It includes fuel level and DEF level gauges, and keyless start technology.
The system provides Avis Budget with insights into the mileage, fuel level, and condition of a vehicle the minute it is returned to an Avis location.
The bike's all-new multi-function instrument panel incorporates the speedometer, odometer, fuel level, coolant temperature, gear position, battery voltage and traction-control modes.
THE Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), in collaboration with Mannai Trading Company W.L.L, dealer of GMC vehicles in Qatar, has announced the recall of GMC Sierra 3500 models of 2011-2015 because the fuel level sensor in the front tank might become stuck in low level position.
* Car diagnostic monitoring; by obtaining vehicles on -board data such as RPM, speed, fuel level and mileage in real time.
It also offers car diagnostic monitoring by obtaining vehicles on-board data such as RPM, speed, fuel level and mileage in real time.
When the fuel level becomes low, the fuel pump will get exposed to air and can overheat, leading to failure.
These systems include flight deck display panels and wing mounted devices that monitor fuel level reserves.
* Pioneering KOMTRAX telematics system and monitor that provides key machine metrics, including KDPF status, DEF consumption, fuel level, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts.