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Noun1.fuel line - a pipe that carries gasoline from a tank to a gasoline engine; "the car wouldn't start because dirt clogged the gas line"
fuel system - equipment in a motor vehicle or aircraft that delivers fuel to the engine
pipage, pipe, piping - a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc.
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was founded in 2000 by Joseph Wathey who developed innovative technology to provide fuel line replacement kits that are safe, easy to use and reduce repair costs.
It said in a report to the NHTSA that this can happen in ''severe environments'' when an aluminum fuel line fitting corrodes where it meets a brass supply valve housing on the fuel take.
The announcement includes new turbocharger hose kits for Ford applications and small-diameter, textile-covered fuel line hose.
Amn Schall was on site at the Bare Expeditionary Airfield Resources high-voltage tie-in with a fellow Airman conducting a check on a report of a leaking fuel line. While the other Airman went through troubleshooting steps, the fuel line burst, spraying the Airman in the face and saturating his clothing with diesel fuel.
Qatar Airways said it will legal action against Boeing if manufacturing fault on its 787s is not resolved Qatar Airways, which received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner earlier this month, will take appropriate action against the plane maker if a recent manufacturing fault in the fuel line is not resolved, Baker said.
After two more fires -- one on June 18 involving an Escape being driven by a customer in Canada -- Ford engineers determined that the problem involved the engine compartment fuel line.
To my surprise, the valve was not only assembled but attached to the fuel line. After referencing the pubs for Quality Assurance (QA) requirements, I went about the work of inspecting the completed job and congratulated the young mech on his efforts.
The family, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had already launched a campaign to try to scare him to death, including cutting the fuel line of his car to try to make it explode.
"Our research is contributing to the development of a sensor, that, when placed in the fuel line prior to where the fuel enters the diesel engine, can detect if there are any contaminants in or other problems with the fuel." That's Alan Hansen, a professor of agricultural and biological engineering at the University of Illinois (illinois.edu), who is working to improve sensors to better monitor the quality of diesel and biodiesel fuel during engine operation.
This five-year contract extension follows a multi-year initial design and build effort on compression moulded hydraulic and fuel line clamp assemblies for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Rompetrol is also considering plans to extend the availability of its premium, Alto fuel line in Georgia and Bulgaria.