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Noun1.fuel pod - a detachable container of fuel on an airplane
aeroplane, airplane, plane - an aircraft that has a fixed wing and is powered by propellers or jets; "the flight was delayed due to trouble with the airplane"
container - any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another)
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Pointing to the fuel pod located right at the centre of the aircraft's undercarriage, junior engineering officer flight lieutenant Marcus Ramsden explained: " The aircraft pumps the diesel in the smoke pod through the system which vapourises and exits the exhaust at temperatures in excess of 450 degrees Celsius as white plume.
The bottle also syncs wirelessly with fitness trackers, so the app will give suggestions for which fuel pod to put into your water.
The tanker is described as being a fuel pod, red in colour and with Holystone written on the side.
One 500-gallon fuel pod weighs over 3,400 pounds but can provide enough fuel to generate electrical power and heat for a platoon-sized unit for up to a week.
Further, Triumph Fabrications is an operating company of Triumph Aerospace Structures and in addition to bonded panels, Triumph Fabrications produces fuselage structures, rotor fairings, leading edges, avionics shelves and fuel pods for Bell Helicopter.
In addition to the two M987s, the platoon is authorized two mobile fuel pods, which gives the FSC a robust fueling capability.
"The incident in question at Cumsons Road saw the perpetrators of this crime visit the scene twice overnight to dump the fuel pods.
Defence News magazine noted that Sudan acquired 12 Su-24 aircraft from Belarus in 2013 adding that the aircraft have been modified to the Su-24M export model by Belarus, according to the end-user certificate issued, and are fitted with two external fuel pods that would extend the range and loiter time over a target area.