Relating to or being a bomb or explosive that releases and detonates an aerosol cloud of fuel in the air above a target, thereby creating a powerful shock wave and very high temperatures.
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The fuel injection system delivers fuel or a fuel-air mixture to the cylinders by means of pressure from a pump.
This engine incorporates a number of innovations such as a mono plunger fuel injection pump that atomizes fuel at uniformly high pressure, combustion chamber designed for even fuel-air mixture and complete combustion for high- and low-power emissions, and two-stage air filters to prevent piston ring wear.
A supercharger is a device that increases the pressure of the fuel-air mixture in an internal combustion engine.
Upon impact and explosion of the weapon's internal payload, the fuel-air mixture is detonated, too.
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If the pilots of the flight don't notice the issue and correct it, the EASA said that combined with an inoperative fuel tank inerting system, the failure could lead to the fuel-air mixture in the fuel tank igniting.
"This condition, if not detected and corrected, combined with an inoperative fuel tank inerting system, could lead to an uncontrolled overheat of the hydraulic fluid, possibly resulting in ignition of the fuel-air mixture."
In the cylinder there is an accelerating process of combustion of a fuel-air mixture throughout the volume of the combustion chamber.
We have the lean burn technology, which in normal cruising range, the engine continually leans back the fuel-air ratio until you're getting better gas mileage.
In recent years we have derived a method to characterize gases for their knock resistance based on the combustion properties of the fuel-air mixtures [22, 23, 24].