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1. Something consumed to produce energy, especially:
a. A material such as wood, coal, gas, or oil burned to produce heat or power.
b. Fissionable material used in a nuclear reactor.
c. Nutritive material metabolized by a living organism; food.
2. Something that maintains or stimulates an activity or emotion: "Money is the fuel of a volunteer organization" (Natalie de Combray).
v. fu·eled, fu·el·ing, fu·els also fu·elled or fu·el·ling
1. To provide with fuel.
2. To support or stimulate the activity or existence of: rhetoric that fueled the dissenters.
To take in fuel.

[Middle English feuel, from Old French fouaille, feuaile, from Vulgar Latin *focālia, neuter pl. of *focālis, of the hearth or fireplace, from Latin focus, hearth, fireplace.]

fu′el·er n.
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For the 2nd ABCT's deployment, the 1st Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade provided a movement control team (MCT), augmented with a 5,000-gallon fueler, and a maintenance contact team.
The truck driver was escorted to the highway; however, the ANASF team followed in their trucks to try and stop the fueler.
Favourite recipes in between training - my crunch time protein bars, natural born Fueler smoothie or quick-fix protein bar.
The mysterious 134 turned out to be the fueler's employee number, and, as we know, fuelers are servants blindly complying with customer requests.
Unlike the alcohol fuel mixture and biodiesel mixture credits, a taxpayer must be registered with the IRS as an alternative fueler under Sec.
Among the corporation's ventures include a consulting and engineering firm, a logging outfit, a commercial fueler, a water bottler, a catering company, a security firm with contracts at various mining and exploration sites, a lawn furniture factory and a UPS store that frequently prints maps for the mining industry.
He served 16 years in the infantry, nine years in the Mountain Company Special Forces, and was a water purification engineer and battalion fueler and provided automated logistics support.
[check] The driver needs an explosion-proof flashlight or a chemlight to signal the fueler when to shut off the fuel.
The HF150 mobile hydrogen fueler provides a hydrogen supply as well as self-contained dispensing equipment
There are two major criteria to obtain the credit: The applicant must be the alternative fueler and must be registered as such under IRC section 4101.
There are often inconsistencies in refueling related to where the fueler stops filling the tank, which may account for 2 to 3 gal.
ENERGY RESOURCE-24 March 2008-Air Products' Mobile Hydrogen Fueler in Service at South Carolina Demo Project(C)2008 JeraOne - http://www.jeraone.com