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1. Music A contrapuntal musical composition whose basic structure consists of a theme or themes stated successively in different voices.
2. Psychiatry A dissociative state, usually caused by trauma, marked by sudden travel or wandering away from home and an inability to remember one's past.

[Italian fuga (influenced by French fugue, from Italian fuga), from Latin, flight.]

fu′gal (fyo͞o′gəl) adj.
fu′gal·ly adv.
fugue v.
fugu′ist (fyo͞o′gĭst) n.
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(Classical Music) of, relating to, or in the style of a fugue
ˈfugally adv
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(ˈfyu gəl)

of or pertaining to a fugue, or composed in the style of a fugue.
fu′gal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.fugal - of or relating to or in the style of a musical fugue
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Linley was a fine composer, interweaving the most majestic baroque traits of Handelian fugal choruses with the melodic beauty of early classical writing.
"We have observed some of the most dynamic market fluctuations and conditions in our history over the course of the last six months in Utah, specifically near the Point of the Mountain," says Brandon Fugal, chairman of CBC Advisors.
The ground bass (a recurring cyclical pattern underpinning whatever is going on above) was over-present in these offerings, and it came as a welcome relief when Stefano Montanari's excellent Accademia Bizantina, in their final purely instrumental contribution, turned to the fugal textures of Purcell's Sonata in G major.
In March, the Power & Communication Contractors Association presented Underground Construction with a special Industry Achievement Award for its leadership role in stopping the industry-threatening horizontal directional drilling operator certification by Caltrans, according to outgoing PCCA President Guy Fugal, who presented the award to Carpenter during the PCCA's 57th annual convention.
Toward the end of this authoritative book, Paul Mark Walker praises the great eighteenth-century theorist Johann Mattheson for "his unparalleled knowledge of German treatises after 1660"--a bibliographic mastery that leads Walker to describe the work of his august, if often inflammatory, predecessor as "the culmination of German Baroque fugal theory" (p.
Goldring was able to flight swift tempi for complex fugal textures, but also trusted the intonation of his choristers in sustained, lightly-accompanied passages.
Outgoing PCCA President Guy Fugal of Niels Fugal & Sons, Pleasant Grove, UT, in his opening night address, related the many accomplishments of the PCCA, even in the face of a slow market.
12 [Munich: Henle, 1958-]) in ordering the pieces, placing the three "fugal" quarters (nos.
The fugal Der Gerechten Seelen, over its wondrous 36-bar sustained pedal, and Herr, du bist wurdig, erupting like a fusillade, were the most exciting high spots - Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen, graceful to a degree, and the valedictory Selig sind die Toten the most contemplative.
Praising the efforts of Underground Construction magazine for its leadership role in stopping the industry-threatening horizontal directional drilling certification by the California Department of Transportation, Power & Communication Contractors Association outgoing President Guy Fugal presented Underground Construction Editor Robert Carpenter with a special Industry Achievement Award during the PCCA's 57th annual convention in March.