fugitive from justice

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Noun1.fugitive from justice - someone who is sought by law officers; someone trying to elude justice
absconder - a fugitive who runs away and hides to avoid arrest or prosecution
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
escapee - someone who escapes
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Having murdered his brother-in-law, Orrin Brower of Kentucky was a fugitive from justice. From the county jail where he had been confined to await his trial he had escaped by knocking down his jailer with an iron bar, robbing him of his keys and, opening the outer door, walking out into the night.
Rejecting the request the court observed that the fugitive from justice neither commanded any sympathy nor was he a favourite child of the law and ordered the Sindh police led by IGP A.D.
He was charged with being a fugitive from justice and also faces a charge of criminal mischief -- damage to property under $200 for a Feb.
He said: "It's not too dramatic to say she's a fugitive from justice".
Lebanese authorities issued an arrest warrant in 2010 against Jidd, who is a fugitive from justice.
Stewart was charged with both homicide and as a fugitive from justice," Vlad TV reported.
According to unconfirmed reports, the Throne Speech and the campaign calling for independence is being orchestrated by former PNP premier and current fugitive from justice Michael Misick, with the goal of escaping prosecution and sentencing on corruption and fraud charges for himself, his brother(s), relatives and friends.
Aleksandar Aleksic, a prominent Serbian lawyer, said Mladic's health had deteriorated because of long years of neglect while a fugitive from justice.
Thaksin, who Bangkok regards as a fugitive from justice after being convicted in absentia for corruption, resigned as an adviser to Phnom Penh in an Aug.
Elise Keppler, International Justice Program senior counsel at Human Rights Watch, said: "Al-Beshir is a fugitive from justice who should be arrested, not feted." Attending his inauguration "would send a terrible message to victims in Darfur, and globally," she further said.
Swiss bank UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) (ZHR: UBSN) (UBSN.VX) has said that it was cooperating with the investigation into a former executive who was declared a fugitive from justice by a federal judge.
What Media Bypass didn't know was that Myers was a convicted felon and a fugitive from justice who had been committed to a mental institution for making extortion and murder threats.