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adj. fug·li·er, fug·li·est
Vulgar Slang Very ugly.

[Shortening of fucking ugly.]
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adj, -lier or -liest
chiefly offensive US and Austral extremely ugly
[C20: fucking + ugly]
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Adj.1.fugly - (slang) extremely ugly
ugly - displeasing to the senses; "an ugly face"; "ugly furniture"
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Her journey in Bollywood since her debut in 'Fugly': "I am in the most exciting phase of my career right now.
"When I was a teenager, I went to school and a girl called me 'fugly!' 'Look at Leguizamo, he is fugly!' Everyone started laughing.
Sadanand, who has been an actor, writer and director, has also cast newcomers Mohit Marwah and Kiara Advani for "Fugly", which is releasing June 13.
Borrowing largely from his recent Edinburgh show Fugly, Price was humble and gentle, his anecdotes full of poignancy as well as rich humour offset with classy delivery.
When inspiration strikes he goes off on amazing rants: I waz with my crew, see, and we was just bo janglin, when two girls come along, one fugly the other ba-donkadonk, in this kicking whip....
But she says she was a "fugly" child - fat and ugly - who was picked on at school because of her appearance and had "self-esteem problems".
The pups - Tasker, Andy, Fugly, Dash, Gismo, Bear, Hermione, Harry, Theo, Bernie, Conkers, Splodges, Freddie, Gertrude and Alvin - are now being nursed by the Guys in Yatton, Somerset.
"Since this morning Sudanese army and Janjaweed militiamen attacked three of our positions in Kadmir, Lidy and Fugly in the southern east of Jebel Marra," said Ibrahim El-Hilu, a SLM spokesperson.
"I think what happens is, like, out in the outer suburbs, like, fugly people breed with other fugly people, right.
Comedy-wise, CBS continues to have plenty of multicamera options--but it's also venturing into single-cam territory with the provocatively titled "Fugly" (which may be eventually get a new name), a half-hour about siblings who move to Hollywood.
So look out for useful terms like the Australian "fugly" (f-word plus ugly equals decidedly ugly), the Canadian Glooscap (for a traditional trickster), the New Zealand entry "stylie"(for fashion-conscious) and from South Africa "ja well no fine" (which signifies reluctant acceptance).