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also ful·fil  (fo͝ol-fĭl′)
tr.v. ful·filled, ful·fill·ing, ful·fills also ful·fils
1. To bring into actuality; effect or make real: fulfilled their promises; fulfilled her dream.
2. To do, perform, or obey (a task or order, for example); carry out.
3. To meet (a requirement or condition); satisfy. See Synonyms at satisfy.

[Middle English fulfillen, from Old English fullfyllan : full, full; see full1 + fyllan, to fill; see fill.]

ful·fill′er n.
ful·fill′ment, ful·fil′ment n.


or ful•fil•ment

(fʊlˈfɪl mənt)

1. the act of fulfilling.
2. the state or quality of being fulfilled; realization.
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Noun1.fulfillment - a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires
satisfaction - the contentment one feels when one has fulfilled a desire, need, or expectation; "the chef tasted the sauce with great satisfaction"
2.fulfillment - the act of consummating something (a desire or promise etc)
consummation - the act of bringing to completion or fruition
self-fulfillment, self-realisation, self-realization - the fulfillment of your capacities


also fulfilment
The condition of being fulfilled:
References in classic literature ?
There was no moment of deliberation, no interval of repose between the thought and its fulfillment.
he would call it the fulfillment of his worst wishes.
It was the new religion of humanity--or you might say it was the fulfillment of the old religion, since it implied but the literal application of all the teachings of Christ.
The paragraph in the Swiss newspaper described the fulfillment of this laudable project.
Camacho was listening to all this, perplexed and bewildered and not knowing what to say or do; but so urgent were the entreaties of Basilio's friends, imploring him to allow Quiteria to give him her hand, so that his soul, quitting this life in despair, should not be lost, that they moved, nay, forced him, to say that if Quiteria were willing to give it he was satisfied, as it was only putting off the fulfillment of his wishes for a moment.
All I ask you now is that you come with me, that you look and listen, and if when later I make the same request you do not be more eager for its fulfillment even than I am, then, I shall do my duty, whatever it may seem to me.
When you have cherished a wish and have charged me with its fulfillment, have I ever replied, `It is impossible'?
These are interpreted by the superstitious Indians into warnings that strangers are at hand; and one accidental coincidence, like the chance fulfillment of an almanac prediction, is sufficient to cover a thousand failures.
In default of the fulfillment by me of any one of those conditions, those gentlemen enter upon their functions again.
There were others that sprang from the substance of other vegetables; others that derived their substance from the bodies of living animals;and then again, there were others that glowed all over with intense fire;} others that moved from place to place at pleasure, and what was still more wonderful, we discovered flowers that lived and breathed and moved their limbs at will and had, moreover, the detestable passion of mankind for enslaving other creatures, and confining them in horrid and solitary prisons until the fulfillment of appointed tasks.
Here in this dirty shanty you will enter into love's fulfillment.
He said nothing, but he smiled at me with the air of a man who sees the fulfillment of that which he had expected.