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 (fo͝ol′gyə-rāt′, -gə-, fŭl′-)
v. ful·gu·rat·ed, ful·gu·rat·ing, ful·gu·rates
To emit flashes of lightning.
1. To emit (light) in flashes.
2. Medicine To destroy (abnormal tissue, for example) by electric current.

[Latin fulgurāre, fulgurāt-, from fulgur, lightning; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

ful′gu·ra′tion n.


1. (Pathology) pathol (of pain) sudden and sharp; piercing
2. (Surgery) surgery of or relating to fulguration
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Adj.1.fulgurating - sharp and piercing
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
sharp - keenly and painfully felt; as if caused by a sharp edge or point; "a sharp pain"; "sharp winds"
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She reported having felt a fulgurating pain located around the left iliac pit 20 min earlier.
The narrative's persistent doubling--Flore's hatred for Life and preservation of it; her resistance to and infection by the contact with other humans--meets Mavrikakis and Nathanael's doubled prose style to configure a radiantly fulgurating novel.
(10) Use of electrosurgery to provide fulgurating sparks for use in obtaining hemorrhage control should be used only after all other clinical methods have been tried, A delayed healing response following the use of fulguration should be expected.